Bridlington in a spin with new wheel

[inspic=4,left,,thumb]A state of the art observation wheel has opened in Bridlington.
At a cost of £1m, the 100ft Eye on the Bay is the first of its type anywhere along the East Coast.
Situated on the Bayside Leisure Complex, the wheel is about a quarter of the size of the London Eye.

Robert Atkinson, operations and marketing director of Yorkshire Carousel who delveloped the wheel, said “The wheel was actually built over in Holland and has been shipped over in 20 containers. It is already a prettty impressive sight and we are extremely proud of it”

The Eye on the Bay will hold 144 people in 24 gondolas, allowing them to enjoy the scenery of Bridlington and the surrounding area.

Mr Atkinson added: “There is also a sound system installed in each gondola which provides a tour of some of the local history. We are planning to get some local kids involved so that they can take a trip in the wheel and hopefully learn something about where they are living.”

Finally, the Eye on the Bay features a VIP gondola for the use of local businesses, complete with leather interior, desk and refridgerator with complimentary champagne.

Mr Atkinson added: “Obviously as a seaside resort we are hoping to attract more tourists to the area but we also hope that many other businesses here will benefit and it will help Bridlington’s regeneration.

“We even have a sponsership scheme avialable to get local businesses involved, so we really are trying to offer something for everyone.”



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