Excelsior Coaches join the coachholidays.com website

[inspic=27,left,,thumb]Coachholidays.com are pleased to announce that Excelsior Coaches will be working with us as we continue to offer our customers a wider choice of holidays.

Not all coach operators are the same. With 85 years of experience Excelsior Coaches provides the most modern air-conditioned fleet in the Southern region and is one of only 35 elite Coach Operators in the United Kingdom to be awarded by the Confederation of Passenger Transport prestigious Coach Marque.
The Confederation of Passenger Transport in accrediting Excelsior Coaches with this award recognised the organisation as “one of the highest quality coach service providers”.

Excelsior, based in Bournemouth, pride themselves on offering exceptional service. They provide a modern, comfortable and safe coach fleet at very competitive prices. Operating an extensive tour programme they offer over 100 Continental and United Kingdom tours and are confident that you will find a tour to suit your requirements.

As Excelsior says:

It gives us great pleasure to bring you our 2008 tour programme. Here you will find a wide range of tours departing throughout spring, summer autumn and winter, up to and including our Christmas 2008 tours. We have included your favourite destinations as well as a variety of new places to visit in the United Kingdom and Europe.

During the last year we have expanded our fleet to 21 luxury executive coaches. We also now offer an enhanced home pick up service.[inspic=28,right,,thumb]

We are also dedicated to improve our impact on global warming and are working closely with the Carbon Trust to achieve this. Every client of Excelsior can be assured that they are reducing as far as is feasible the impact of their travel on the environment.

To all of our regular clients and first-time travellers we look forward to welcoming you onboard.

Look out for Excelsior holidays on the coachholidays.com website now.


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  • Mark Lowe Tue, 4th Sep, 2012 at 5:44 pm Reply

    As we all know about Kathy Tilbury, She loves to big herself up in front of the public, she loves to show off all her coaches to fans. She loves to take coaches to her daughter’s school proms, she also loves to show herself off in general, but when it comes down to the back bone and spine of the company which is the true works like the drivers. If it was not for people like us Kathy would not have a company in place. She has got all her drivers me included on a pathetic £7.20 per hour, but yet we as coach drivers have the responsibility of driving such large vehicles carrying passenger’s all over the roads of England and Europe, she thinks it fair to deduct hours off their wages that has been honestly worked for. Meanwhile people like Kathy Tilbury drive around in nearly new cars with personalised number plates, she also owns her own house, and yet only works in the office 09:00 to 17:00 daily, people like me and other drivers have to commute an hour to work, spending up to £120 per week on fuel. Kathy then spends further 10’s of thousands of pounds on CCTV equipment for inside and outside the coaches, and other things like Drivers monitoring systems and electronic voice recording systems to monitor what all the drivers are saying to the passengers. But yet she cannot afford to pay her drivers properly on money they have honestly worked hard for. And because I argue the fact I have done a tour with phone calls from tour managers praising my work to the highest standard she the deducts my hour down to only 10 hours on day one of your tour. A big thing all people should know about Kathy Tilbury! She extorts money honest money earnt by staff. For example if you work a 14 hour day on a tour and stay away from home in a hotel, she thinks its fair and write to deduct hours down to 10 hours flat rate regardless. But if you work for any other coach operators, and do a tour with a holiday company called Newmarket holidays, if you work 8 10 or 14 hour days you get paid in full regardless of which day it is, Kathy Tilbury seems to have got it into her head that on your first day of your tour you only get paid 10 hours regardless. Every driver that works for this company has all warned me about this with Kathy, but they fail to challenge this. Kathy is a greedy person in life and should not be allowed to treat the drivers in this way, why should she pocket two hours of my wages we all earn and put this in her own pocket? This is wrong and sick. If you are a possible new driver to this company be warned, you get treated like dirty and you get your hours cut to what Kathy thinks she should pay you.

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