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Established in Leicestershire in 1950 by George and Elaine Wood with one 29-seat vehicle, the company has grown in size and reputation throughout the years to now offer over 120 coach holidays annually with departures from around the county.

The company continues to be a family-owned business, with son, Mark Wood at the helm as Chairman, and also retains the ethos of providing exceptional personalised service, combined with value for money for its customers.

The coach holiday programme ranges from overnight breaks to 8 day tours.  Each one is carefully researched to ensure that the location and hotel meet our high standards, and each has a carefully planned itinerary to encourage maximum enjoyment.

Passengers are able to discover Britain and the continent’s most picturesque locations from the comfort of their coach seat.  From the Scottish islands of Mull, Arran and Iona to the delightful gardens of Cornwall and everywhere in between.   Stunning Dutch Bulbfields and the magical Rhine in Flames wow visitors each year.

There are short breaks to see events like the Edinburgh Tattoo or the Tall Ships at Hartlepool, or visits to magnificent stately homes and gardens.  Shopping and sightseeing at some of our finest historical cities like Chester and York always remain in vogue, not forgetting the ever-popular Mystery Weekends.

In addition, Woods Coaches are now working with specialist companies to provide customers the chance to explore further afield.  Cruises to the Norwegian Fjords, Baltic Cities, or the Canary Islands are proving to be very popular.  Holidays by air adds further variety, with locations ranging from Jersey, Guernsey and Lake Garda to the excitement of Niagara Falls, Egypt or the American Rockies.

In all cases, the ‘Holidays from your Doorstep’ option makes getting the coach departure point easier.  The company can arrange for a taxi to pick customers up from home and take them to meet the coach.  On the return journey, a taxi will be waiting to whisk them back home – making coach travel even more convenient.

Woods Coaches don’t use any interchange points, meaning that once on the coach, passengers can snooze all the way if they choose!  The holiday coaches themselves are luxurious with reclining seats with extra legroom and offer modern facilities including washrooms, climate control, hot drinks facilities, aircraft style pull down tables and entertainment systems.

The key to a successful coach holiday is a good driver. Many of the company’s drivers have been with Woods Coaches for numerous years and their experience is second to none.  Their friendly and knowledgeable personalities mean that they are often seen to be ‘part of the crowd’ rather than just a driver, yet their customer care ensures that the tour runs smoothly and everyone is well looked after.  In addition the drivers attend training courses in Defensive Driving and Training for the Institute of Advanced Motorists, to guarantee that their skills are right up to date.

All in all it’s not surprising that many customers return year after.  Whether visiting pretty coastal resorts, stunning countryside scenery, heritage attractions or exotic foreign climes, there are many wonderful holiday experiences available with Woods Coaches.
To search for Woods Coaches holidays, please visit our Woods Coaches page @ Coachholidays.com or call us on 0845 330 3747.


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