“O’zapft is!” – Munich’s Oktoberfest

On the 18th of October 2010, Mayor Ude is going to open the 177th Oktoberfest on the Theresienwiese site in the heart of Bavaria’s beautiful capital Munich.

In 1810 when Crown Prince Ludwig organised a horserace in celebration of his marriage to Princess Therese, he couldn’t imagine the magnitude this celebration would have  now. In it’s first years the Oktoberfest used to be an annual sporting event with bowling alleys and climbing-towers. Over the years, though, more and more showmen have come and soon the first merry-go-rounds were errected on the “Wiesn”.

In 1881 the town administration allowed the sale of beer for the first time. Along with music-bands and over 400 booths selling sweets, sausages and pretzels the folk fair tradition of the Oktoberfest was born. During it’s 100th anniversary over twelve hectolitres of beer were poured out urging the organisers to build bigger tents, like the Hofbräu-Festival Hall with 10,000 places which is still in use today, for the legion visitors.

Due to the wars, the Oktoberfest didn’t take place in the early 20th century up until 1950, when former Mayor Wimmer started the tradition of “Fassanstich” (tapping the barrel) of the special Oktoberfest strong beer at the opening ceremony.

Today people from all over the world are visiting the tradtion-rich “Volksfest” which over the years has become the world’s biggest Public Fair offering numerous attractions such as Ferris wheels, rollercoasters and much more for the six million young and young at heart.

Here are some coach holidays to Germany, Munich and the Oktoberfest:

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