PR Boost for Leger Holidays

A Public Relations campaign that is helping to raise awareness of its position as a leading battlefield tour provider has brought Leger Holidays significant exposure in the national media and online.

The ‘Keep The Memories Alive’ campaign aims to encourage people to talk to older relatives, friends and neighbours before vital information is lost forever.

At the heart of the campaign was a multiple choice questionnaire completed by 500 adults that revealed a lack of knowledge about the First and Second World Wars. Last year, research conducted by Leger with 1000 under 16 year old’s identified significant gaps in their knowledge about World War History.

The adult questionnaire revealed that 83% of those quizzed didn’t know the First World War officially ended in 1919. 77% didn’t know the Armistice Day marks the end to the official fighting on the western Front, and not the official end of the war.

Leger Holidays is pleased with the success of the campaign.

Anita Rogers, European Touring Commercial Manager, says: “We’re delighted that the Keep The Memories Alive Campaign has reached this next critical step, raising awareness across the UK as well as in the classroom. The campaign has enjoyed huge amounts of interest including an overwhelming response to our online survey.”

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Reference: Coach Monthly


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