St. Georges Day!

Saint George and the Dragon

Saint George’s Day falls every year on the 23rd April. St. George became the patron saint of England in the year 1222. His emblem is the Red Cross on a white background, recognisably the English Flag also known as St. George’s Flag!

St. George was born in Cappadocia (Eastern Turkey), at the young age of 17 he joined the Roman Army, quickly to become the equivalent to a Colonel and was supervising 1,000 men. This was partly down to his reputation amongst his peers for outstanding behaviour, bravery and physical strength.

St. George was sadly tortured and beheaded because he was standing up for Christians as Emperor Diocletian was persecuting Christians because he felt that his Pagan Roman roots were being lost therefore St. George began to appeal with the Emperor to spare the lives of Christians, unfortunately leading to his own persecution.

Many associate St. George with the legend of ‘George and the Dragon’ and even religious paintings depict him slaying a dragon. However, this is pure legend. Dragons are commonly used to symbolise the Devil or forms of evil. Some say folklore was adapted around the acts of Saint George and others that the Dragon represents the Pagan beliefs and the act of slaying represents Saint George’s martyrdom and bravery to defend the Christians.

St. Georges Day Festival - Wrest Park

St. George’s Day coincides with the famous William Shakespeare’s birthday, this year turning an amazing 447 years old! There are a number of celebrations across England this year especially as it falls on a Saturday so why not go along and join in with the celebrations of St. George and Shakespeare!

St Georges Day Festival – Wrest Park, Bedfordshire
Stratford-upon-Avon – Warwickshire
Blists  Hill Victorian Town – Shropshire
Trafalgar Square – London

For more events around England celebrating William Shakespeare and St. George please click on this link for all the information.

We also have a selection of Coach Holidays that fall on the 23rd April:

London 3 Day Break – CAB Travel

All Inclusive – Stratford and Cotswold – Caledonian Travel

Ironbridge Gorge and Severn Valley Steam – National Holidays

For more information please click on the link’s above or visit our website or call our friendly reservations team on 0845 330 3747.


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