Skills Holidays

Skills Holidays started operating coach tours back in 1919 when Arthur Skill started up the company. He started his journey by using a lorry to collect fresh fish first thing in the morning and then for light haulage later on in the day. After a while he also started taking local miners to Bestwood Colliery and it wasn’t until 1921 that he bought a Crossley Charabanc, his first bus for the Skills company! In 1937 he had finally started operating a booking office and departure areas for pick ups.

The company is now run by his grandsons Nigel and Simon Skill who are still offering fantastic coach holidays and excursions around the United Kingdom as well as some of the best European cities!

Skills Holidays currently offer a fleet of 50 modern coaches, some of these being the famous Setras that offer extra leg room for added comfort. These coaches all running from the 2.5 acre site based in Nottingham.

The company itself started off by running tours only from the East Midlands and South Yorkshire but as the company has continued to grow they can now also offer pick ups from London and the South East.

What many people don’t know is that Skills is a chain of 7 retail outlets across the Midlands providing a number of travel services to public and corporate customers. To name a few Skills also own Motorvation a vehicle fleet based on Private hire and contract hire carriers. Skills also acquired Sportability in 2009 offering services for the educational leisure and business sector.

Skills also own CoachStyle that was bought by Nigel Skills back in 1993 who rebranded the company to CoachStyle – Bargain Breaks from its original name Midland Travel. Along with the rebranding they also added extra pick up points and even more no frills holidays that are incredible value for money departing throughout the year.

Skills continue to keep up to date with the latest technology and coaches along with top UK and European destinations every year to offer you the most fantastic unforgettable coach holidays!


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