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Independent travel company Haggis Adventures is using video to engage with the youth market, as part of a dynamic and interactive online marketing campaign. A new three minute video has been shot and produced by one Scotland’s leading agencies Heehaw Digital and launches this week.

Heehaw’s video aims to get people excited about Haggis Adventures and hopefully will act as a catalyst for customers to upload their own videos to YouTube. Haggis Adventures encourage bloggers with large YouTube followings to create their own YouTube travel videos.

Such consumer generated content is valuable marketing for Haggis, with one video posted by a passenger of the Loch Ness Monster trip getting 6,288 views on YouTube.

Haggis is part of the award winning group of independent travel companies including Busabout, Haggis and Shamrocker Adventures – carrying a total of 50,000 passengers a year across Europe, the UK and Ireland.

Heehaw Digital’s film is punchy, fast paced and energetic, quickly catching the essence of the brand for the viewer as Haggis Adventures brand manager, Roger Kerr explains:  “ Video is an incredibly powerful way of communicating the experience of a Haggis Adventure and we also use the videos for training purposes with our agents worldwide. But most of all they are massively important for customer engagement and create real interaction between brand and customer.”

Kerr continues:  “Heehaw are a great company – young, energetic, youth focused and good fun. They always thinking of new ways to do things – we have worked with them for many years and they always come up with something really fresh and exciting.  They really get what we are about and that is important for us.”

As online and YouTube in particular, becomes more and more critical to success in the travel industry, video is now a key part of any marketing campaign.  Video is highly measurable from the number of views to the comments left by viewers, allowing the brand to engage one to one with customers.

Mally Graveson, Heehaw’s Director of Productions says:  “We shot the video from the passenger’s perspective on a tour of the Highlands so viewers are not listening to a sales guy but listening to other customers and likeminded people.  This makes the film far more personal and emotive – customers feel they can connect with the brand and get a taste of what the trip is all about.”

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