One month in London…….Un mois a Londres!


My name is Anne-Sophie!  I am a French student and I spent March in London doing an internship with Wallace Arnold Worldchoice (, a nice travel agency in East Croydon (e from London Bridge).

I travelled by Eurostar from Paris to Kings Cross St Pancras, where I took one of the famous “black cabs”.  I arrived at my accommodation (in collocation) located in All Saints, East London.  It has a  wonderful view of The City’s skyscrapers, which even remain floodlit at night.

As soon as I arrived I started to visit the capital city.  I went to Piccadilly Circus to watch the big screens, and I walked along the animated streets, where you can watch street shows and appreciate the good atmosphere. It’s also funny to see the famous red phone boxes!  I was really happy to see that the English people are nice and helpful when you are lost or to teach you things about the monuments etc.

On my first week I also went to Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace, a blissful building where you can see the changing of the guard everyday at 11.30am and I was impressed to learn that Queen Elizabeth II was inside.  I went to Tate Britain to see various famous paintings and also went to the Tower of London – a well-preserved and impressive castle built in 1066.  I then went to London Bridge and the Thames.

The next week, I went to Notting Hill, to Greenwich – where the meridian is, and I then went on to visit Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the House of Parliament and The London Eye, but unfortunately I have vertigo… I visited the wonderful St Paul’s Cathedral and was impressed to see where Diana got married 30 years ago.  I walked on the Millennium Bridge where you can see London Bridge. One of the most interesting places I visited was the British Museum, where you can see the Rosetta stone, a stunning collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts with mummies, real former tombs and hieroglyphics.  I didn’t miss the Parthenon’s sculptures and the other ancient collections.  I also went shopping in Primark – a big clothes shop with attractive prices.  I also visited Harrods and Topshop.

At night, when I hung out with my friends, we went to O’Neill’s Irish Pub, to 101 Bar, and the Zoo Bar where you could dance. We were astonished to watch all the buses circulating at night.  Contrary to Paris, it is really easy to move or to come back home at night! I forgot to talk about the cleanliness of the streets, of the tube and the stations.

So thank you London for this very nice month!


By Anne-Sophie Morette


I'm the administrator of and also our blog. I have been working here for the past 12 years and enjoy my job very much.

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