The Olympic Torch passes through Croydon!!

Photograph taken by Tracey Kirby

In a midst these exciting times comes a very proud day for little old Croydon.  At just after 12.30pm today, I was among the hundreds who stood on Katherine Street cheering the torch as it was carried through Croydon by Yann Laroche, age 67 from Paris.  Yann was the HR and Communications Director of the EDF Group until 2008, and has been a major contributor to EDF’s partnership with the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.  Please see for more about Yann.

The streets were crammed full of avid supporters, cheering and waving the British flag, and the sun shone beautifully today, which made the event just that little bit more spectacular.  With a vibrant parade of Olympic sponsors and vehicles, the streets of Croydon came to life.  Balloons flying high, inflatable hands and torches at the ready, and Police men on their marks, we were all set for go.  And that we did.

As today is such a special day, events are also being held in The Queens Gardens, with various sports activities taking place.  Everyone here is very much in the spirit.  All ages are out to celebrate and having great fun.

The last time the Olympic Games came to London was in 1948, a time when Britain was suffering from the devastations of World War II.  People had been left homeless, yet this phenomenal sporting event encouraged Britain to stand proud and tall, puff out its chest, dust of its shoulders, and host the Olympic Games.  Sixty Four years later, Britain faces economic struggle of a different kind, but still, here we are, standing tall once more, welcoming the world into our little island.  I guess you could say that really is what dreams are made of.


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