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Skills Worldwide Travel LogoSkills Holidays of Nottingham star in Channel 4’s ‘Britain’s Secret Shoppers’

Skills Holidays have been selected to take part in the new documentary series “Britain’s Secret Shoppers” to be aired on Channel 4 in February 2013. The series “help businesses increase their profits and grow their client bases!”

Filming and interviews were conducted from August to November 2012 in and out of the office, in shops on the coaches and on tour with TV crews, business analysts and the shows business experts, providing detailed analysis and developing new ideas alongside MD Nigel Skill and his team – “the TV crew pretty much moved in, it’s surprising how much time goes into filming and making a TV show” said Nigel Skill.


Nigel-Skill – Justin-Preston – Simon-Skill

The host of the new show ‘Britain’s Secret Shoppers’ is meat entrepreneur Justin Preston. Justin will go undercover as well as work with members of Skills Holidays team to help the business deliver great deals for their customers. Using secret focus groups Justin proves that sometimes customers really do know best, and explore how Britain’s businesses can offer the best deals to super-serve their loyal customers and make a tidy sum themselves.

When asked what it was like being involved in a new TV series for Channel 4, Nigel Skill replied “It was an experience and an eye opener to say the least. I’m really proud that all of the Skills team got on board with this project, pushing many outside their comfort zones and some of the tasks presented were quite bizarre, especially in front of TV cameras for a show that will air to millions of people. We have all learnt a great deal in the past six months which I believe will give more people the confidence to choose Skills for their next holiday.”

He went on “We believe the series will help boost confidence in the coach tourism industry as well as our own business and help other operators improve along the way too. The advice and suggestions from Justin have been implemented and we are already seeing results from this that has led to increased enquiries and sales in January. I believe the show will demonstrate that Skills is a vibrant family business that is open to new ideas moving towards our 95th year by delivering modern and stylish coach holidays for the 21st century”.

Each week the series will demonstrate to consumers and employees how new techniques and ideas can be applied to businesses including Skills Holidays who will feature in the 3rd episode due to air at a prime time spot of Thursday 28th February at 8pm on Channel 4. Be sure to tune in to see all the action.

Below are some quotes from staff who took part in the filming for the TV show:

Q1: How did you feel about being filmed for a new Channel 4 TV show?
Q2: What have you gained and learned from this experience?

Nigel Skill  (Managing Director)
A1: Fantastic opportunity to raise the profile & gain valuable exposure for our team & the great heritage & products we offer
A2: That new approaches & outside thinking refreshes & enhances refreshes & invigorate the team, our products & how we deliver them

Simon Skill (Financial Director)
 A1: OK, just waiting for the next trick question, but I did enjoy the challenge
 A2: It all depends on the final production, where we come out as idiots or not?

Brett Sweetmore (Driver)
A1: I felt it was exciting and honoured to be chosen and representing Skills. Being filmed for TV at times unusually, but it was really good fun to be involved with.
A2: I have gained more of an understanding of how marketing works and how to sell something to consumers in a slightly different way to what I am used.

C4 - Simon Skill - Nigel Skill - Brett Sweetmore

Simon Skill – Nigel Skill – Brett Sweetmore

Wendy Clarke (Sales Assistant)
A1: I thought it was daunting and I didn’t think I would be as involved as much as I was, and before I knew it was mad experience…in a good way, I have to say I did enjoy the experience.
A2: I’ve learned that TV isn’t glamorous as you may think and there is a lot of hanging around, being cold and wet drinking tea and coffee.

Lynnette Scott (Sales Assistant)
A1: It felt nerve racking because at the time I had only just been employed at Skills for 2 days when channel 4 turned up filmed me.
A2: I learnt that there is a lot of filming involved in producing a TV show, more than I ever imagined.

Paul Nichol (Marketing Design Coordinator)
A1: It felt embarrassing at times being filmed whilst working, but overall it has been enjoyable and its something I can be proud to be part of.
A2:  I have learned that you should never stop pushing team members and directors to embrace new ideas and concepts even if they don’t agree .

Sián Langham (Head of Product)
A1: Not entirely comfortable being questioned with a camera in front of me
A2: I have learnt that challenging yourself and leaving your comfort zone broadens your mind and enables you to see things from a different more unique perspective

Hugh Smith (Business Development)
A1: I was a little bit nervous when I heard we had been chosen for the show
A2: mainly a new pair of swim shorts, but also that it’s acceptable to drink champagne at 9am and that with the right idea and push a product can be sold successfully in the shortest of time even with massively limited resources!

Resource: Skills Holidays Press Release, 13th February 2013.

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