Hot off the Press – David Urquhart pick-up in Belfast!

Blackpool Illuminated have just been informed that David Urquhart Travel have got a pick-up point in Belfast and we thought we should share this exciting news with you!

You’re probably thinking, ‘Aren’t they a Scottish company and are you sure they have a departure point in Belfast?’ Yes, they are a Scottish escorted travel company, a reputable and thriving one at that, but trust us when we tell you that although this bit information is new, it is Gospel!

Based in East Kilbride in Scotland, for just over 30 years David Urquhart Travel have taken over 3 million holidaymakers on exciting holidays that are “Outstanding value for money”, to destinations across the United Kingdom, Ireland and parts of Europe.

With you in mind, David Urquhart have set up several pick-up points in over 30 mini regions across Britain and in the last 15 months, have added 5 new regional departure areas to their ever expanding list which includes:

1. Gloucestershire and WorcestershireDavid Urquhart

2. Preston, Liverpool and Warrington

3. Staffordshire

4. The Wirral and Chester

5. BelfastNorthern Ireland


Now that we have cleared any lingering doubts, why not have a look on for the following tours departing shortly, from Belfast:Oban, Argyll, Scotland, UK

160547 – Blackpool Illuminations Superdeal – 4th Nov. 2013, 5 days: £179 per person

160549 – Manchester Christmas Markets – 24th Nov. 2013, 3 days: £109 per person

160545 – Metro Centre Christmas Shopper – 1st Dec. 2013, 3 days: £129 per person

160551 – Dunoon Cabaret Weekend – 6th Dec 2013, 4 days: £139 per person


When browsing our website,, you will find an extensive catalogue of other David Urquhart holidays so give us a call on 0208 686 2378 when you’re ready for your next vacation and our courteous staff will be waiting to assist you.

[box type=”note” style=”rounded”]Please Note that David Urquhart Travel offer 34 regional pick-up points so remember to fill in Section 3Departure County and Departure Town, on our website. This shall ensure that your search brings up holidays picking up from your locality.[/box]


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