Trade Secrets #2 – The Shearings Holidays 5 day break for £99!


Those of you with an eye for a bargain and I mean a real bargain, you need look no further than our exclusive deals with Shearings holidays. Going live today, we have hundreds of holidays priced at £99 for five days.  I have been in the coach business for over 30 years and even 10 years ago in the days of Wallace Arnold, we struggled to offer prices this low. Even with 9 hotels and 200 coaches, we would really struggle to get the prices down to this incredible level.

Yet here we are in 2014 where a pint of Lager can cost upwards of £4.00, a litre of diesel costing around £1.44 and we are still lucky enough to have a good choice of five day breaks for only £99!

Here is what you get :

  • Return coach travel from your local pick up point
  • 4 nights comfortable en suite accommodation.
  • Traditional full cooked breakfasts
  • Three course evening meals
  • Sightseeing Excursions
  • General entertainment in the evenings at the hotel.

Please remember these are Shearings own hotels and their own coaches and drivers so there is no corner cutting there !!

So why is the price so very low ??

All I can say is that it must be a case of people being very wary of taking a holiday in January and February because of the weather and the prices reflect that.

Well sat here at my desk in Croydon on the 22nd January , I look out of my window to see blue sky and sunshine.  I accept that we have had more rain recently than any of us would wish for but it was only 2012 when Newcastle was hit by freak storms and that was in August!

Take my advice – grab yourself one of these mega bargains now before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon!

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