Frying pans at the ready…


Pancakes 5, Ingredients, Food

It’s Shrove Tuesday!

First you need some of this:
Pancakes 1, Ingredients, Food
Then you do this:
Pancakes 6, Frying Pan, Food


And if you do it correctly, you’ll get …
Pancakes 3, Ingredients, Food
Pancakes 2, Ingredients, Food


But in the true spirit of Pancake Tuesday, we at, like these best!

Pancakes 4, Ingredients, Food Pancakes 5, Ingredients, Food


Coachholidays apologise if you’re on a diet or averse to sweet, scrumptious and hearty treats, but remember it’s Fat Tuesday so enjoy. It’s Ash Wednesday tomorrow, so you’ve got the entire season of Lent, that’s 40 whole days to be good, or at least try to be!

By the way, did you know that this feast has religious origins and occurs the day before Ash Wednesday, which signifies the commencement of the penitential period of Lent? Shrove Tuesday is also known by many other names like Shrovetide Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, Pancake Day, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras and more. What does all this have to do with travel, holidaymaking and tourism? Please click here or the Mardi Gras link above to read more.


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