Happy St Patrick’s Day!

st-pat2 Today Monday 17th March is St. Patrick’s Day, but the Ciarc began last weekend!

As the festivities draw to a close, Coachholidays were wondering how you chose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Did you put on your novelty hat or wear an auburn wig/beard for the day on a dare from your colleagues?

Maybe you met up with friends at your nearest Irish pub to enjoy your annual sampling the black stuff? We know someone who celebrated by having some whiskey, of the Irish sort of course, in a bid to summon their inner Celtic. They then did what we thought was some random skipping and twirling, until it was revealed to be an interpretation of Riverdance! It was entertaining, if nothing else.


Coachholidays.com, reckons that the Irish must be one of the most genuinely friendly, hospitable, fun-loving, adaptable and culturally embracing people you’re ever likely to meet. How else could you explain that in 2014, Saint Patrick’s Day is being celebrated in cities all over the world like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Moscow, Washington DC, New York City, Vilnius – Lithuania, Amman – Jordan, Singapore, Bucharest Romania etc… We haven’t even mentioned Britain or Ireland yet!

We are sure you already know that there is a lot more to the Irish than mythical creatures, Shamrocks, Rugby, Stout, Poets, Boy bands and folk music. So why not get to know the people. Not the ones you met today or last weekend who were Irish for the day. We mean the the real Irish. Why not visit the Emerald Isle?

Coachholidays.com it the perfect place to start. Click here to begin your search for your next Gaelic vacation.