The 1st of April is Officially a Bank Holiday!


[box type=”alert” style=”rounded”]Only joking, Happy April Fools’ Day![/box]

Only joking, Happy April Fools’ Day!



Every 1st of April, in many parts of the globe, people get seriously mischievous. It’s amazing how many ingenious ways there are to pull the prank of the year on family, friends and colleagues! Have you been a bit uptight or stressed at work this year? Well, this is the day you’ll find out exactly how your colleagues feel about you. We bet that’s got you thinking…


April Fools’ pranks range from elaborate, well thought out and widespread hoaxes to hilarious tricks or down right shocking set ups. However you get pranked, enjoy it for the amusement it is and remember you must be thought of an awful lot for people to make so much effort to pull a prank on you. Better still, you may be the one organising the big joke to catch everyone out?

Please share your anecdotes of being fooled or tricking others for a bit of fun.



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