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Freiburg im Breisgau is not only the warmest and sunniest place in Germany, it is also a place of history and future. Do you have interest in architecture? Visit the beautiful Freiburg Minster! Do you want to know a way to solve energy problems? Visit Vauban, a part of Freiburg, which had the first housing community world-wide in which every house has a positive energy balance!

The following are 8 places of interest you do not want to miss.

  1. The Freiburg Minster:

    It was built from 1200 to 1513 in a Romanesque and Gothic architecture style. The Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt once said that the church’s tower “will forever remain the most beautiful spire on earth”. Until now he was right, like a miracle the Freiburg minster even survived the bomb attack during the 2nd World War when most of the buildings around were destroyed.

  2. The Freiburg Baechle:

    The Freiburg Baechle are small canals that are located in the city. In the past they were used as sewers. Nowadays they are well maintained and cleaned and are used as a playground for young and old. But be careful if you fall into the Baechle, it is said, that you will marry a Freiburger!

  3. The Muensterplatz (minster square):

    If you are looking for fresh food within a beautiful setting, you will find that the Muensterplatz is the ideal place. Almost every day farmers from the nearby areas come to the square and sell their produce. The Freiburg Minster is in the centre of the market surrounded by the beautiful red historic merchant’s hall and the Kornhaus.

  4. The Schlossberg (castle hill):

    For wonderful views over Freiburg, climb the lookout tower which is at the top of Schlossberg.  If you want a rest you can go to the beer garden which is on the observation deck.

  5. Schwabentor and Martinstor:

    These are two Gates that are remainders of the past fortification.

  6. The Augustinermuseum:

    If you are interested in the Freiburg Minster you should go to this beautiful museum which was once an abbey. You will find here the original gargoyles of the minster, liturgical altars, jewellery and pots.

  7. Mundenhof (Zoo):

    Mundenhof  is the largest animal and nature adventure park in Baden-Wuerttemberg.  There is a playground for children as well as a café and the best thing is that the entry is free!

  8. Vauban (part of Freiburg) :

    This part of Freiburg impresses with its colourful, individual and at the same time sustainable building styles. There are many guides who can tell you more about the house communities with their ecological architecture and the living conditions in Vauban.


Discover this beautiful city in the south of Germany and experience a wonderful holiday.
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