Introducing Sopot, Bulgaria

Sopot 3, Bulgaria


Sopot is a small quiet town in Bulgaria. Surrounded by fir trees, the area has outstanding natural beauty with fresh air and cool waters from the natural fountains. The beautiful old styled Bulgarian houses are well presented and kept in their traditional style. It is situated at the foot of Central Stara Planina (Old Mountain); Sopot is part of Plovdiv province and is the administrative centre of a municipality. Sopot is also a machine building centre. The nearest town which is bigger than Sopot is Karlovo and is 5km east from Sopot. Also Sopot is on 136km east from Sofia which is the capital city of Bulgaria.

It is the birthplace of one of the best Bulgarian writers, Ivan Vazov and is known by the Bulgarians as “the father of the novel”. There is a middle school in the town which has been named after him and many streets are related with his name.

Sopot 1, Bulgaria

During the Bulgarian National Revival (18th and 19th centuries) Sopot was called “Golden Sopot ” because of its improving development in the crafts and trade.

During the struggle for liberation in 1877 with Turkey Sopot was burned down and the people slaughtered or banished. The town was named Vazovgrad between 1950 and 1965 after that it gets its present name.

You might like to visit two Eastern Orthodox churches:

• Sopot Monastery “Saint Spas” or monastery for men “Vaskresenie Gospodne” (Ascension day).

• Nunnery “Vavedenie Bogorodichno” (Blessed Virgin) – one of the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. This church was built in the 15th century on the site of an old chapel.

The other things you mustn’t miss when you are in Sopot are:

House – Museum of Ivan Vazov. This house was burned during the Russo – Turkish war (1877-1987) and its restoration was begun in 1931. The designer of the interior is Stefan Kostof – the Director of the Etnographic Museum in Sofia.

• Sopot Craft’s center “Esnaf” (founded in 2005). This place is located in in two Bulgarian Reneissance Houses – “Budinata House” and “House Zagubanski” in the centre of the city. In these houses descendants of the old masters demonstrate and share their experience. It’s managed by the Ivan Vazov Museum and the Association of the Sopot’s masters and connoisseurs of arts and crafts.

Sopot 2, Bulgaria

If you like an adventure, Sopot has one of the highest funicular lifts which are used for practising paragliding and hang gliding. Also in 2013 the town hosted the World Paragliding Championship where people from all over the world came to compete

Sopot – a small town with so much to offer.

Source: Bulgaria
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