Bremen – My Hometown

Bremen 6, Weser River, Germany


My name is Lea Wiedner, I am 18 years old and I am in England trying hard to learn English, my teacher felt that coming to England would help me to speak better English. Normally I live in Bremen with my mother and two sisters.

Bremen is a beautiful two city state, with Bremen and Bremerhaven. Through Bremen flows a large river called the Weser. Bremen has a population of approximately 546 451 and has much to offer and visitor like theatres, museums, parks and an active nightlife.

In Bremen I like the Übersee-Museum, Auswandererhaus and the Klimahaus the most.

Übersee-Museum : The Ueberseemuseum is a Natural History and Ethnographic museum located in the centre of Bremen. In an integrated exhibition of Nature, Culture and Trading, the museum presents aspects of overseas regions with permanent exhibitions relating to Asia, South Pacific/Oceania, Americas and Africa.

Auswandererhaus: Here visitors can study the history of emigration to the new World. The tour through the house shows the lifestyle and aspirations of the immigrants and what became of them in their new homes.

Klimahaus: It is a well-known popular and very interesting building that tells people about climate change and weather and how we are affecting the climate with our constant emissions of greenhouse gasses. You walk through different climate zones and learn a lot about climate protection.

In my opinion the best theatre is the GOP Variete theatre. The shows are diversified, so there is something there for everyone. Artists and actors from around the world showcase their talents in its beautiful auditorium.

Bremen 7, Market Square, GermanyBremen 8, Town Musicians of Bremen, GermanyBremen 3, Statue of Roland, Germany






In Bremen’s market square there is a large statue of Roland, the famous paladin of the first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne also known as Charles the Great or Charles I and hero of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass.

On the other side of the market square we have the beautiful statue of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten. The legend says that if you touch the feet of the donkey, you will have good luck.

At the weekend there are many young people in Bremen, who enjoy visiting the nightclubs, lounges or bars. The StuBu and the Lila Eule nightclubs are very popular and two of the oldest running locations for night entertainment. In the summer months it is very nice just to sit at the riverbank, which is locally called Schlachte.

My hometown football club is called Werder Bremen. I like to sit in the Weserstadium which is their home stadium and cheer them on.

The best time of the year to visit Bremen is during Freimarkt which takes place in late October. Freimarkt in Bremen was first held in 1035 and is the oldest fair in Germany. With more than four million visitors each year, it is also considered to be the biggest festival in Northern Germany. It is celebrated for 17 days in the last two weeks of October, somewhat extended from Friday to Sunday. The area covers approximately 100,000 square meters on two areas: the “Kleiner Freimarkt” (Small Free Fair) on the market square, and the main area at the “Bürgerweide” adjacent to the Main Station and the Exhibition Centre. The highlight is the “Freimarktsumzug” (Free Fair Procession) held on the second Saturday of the festival.

I have lived in Bremen all my life and I hope to live and work there in the future.

Lea Wiedner in Croydon, Surrey 18.09.2014


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