Leipzig – A Modern City of History and Culture

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Leipzig – A Modern City of History and Culture by Annika Magalle

Leipzig is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Saxony metropolis is in the East of Germany and a big magnet for tourists. Lots of tourists plan a journey to Leipzig to see the many sights and hidden treasures. Downton Leipzig has numerous shops, boutiques and department stores ideal for shopping and souvenirs. A diverse city, Leipzig has a lot to offer for both young and old.

Here are my reasons for why you should visit Leipzig!

1. Lots of people call Leipzig “Venice of the East”, because of its 550 bridges and many rivers and channels. See the beautiful landscapes, parks and all the cosmopolitan people by boat.

2. Leipzig has a great history. You can see all old buildings and the basic wall of Leipzig. Very famous is the “Voelkerschlachtdenkmal” (Monument of the Battle of the Nations), dedicated to the  memory of those who died in the battle of the Leipzig in 1813. Climb to the top for the best views of Leipzig!

3. Do you know Johann Sebastian Bach? The world famous composer was buried in Leipzig. You can see lots of statues, the grave, the museum and the Thomas church where he was the choir master, you can listen to the famous “Thomaner choir” considered to be the oldest choir in the world.

4. Do you know Johann Wolfgang von Goethe? He was a famous poet, playwright and novelist, who wrote “Faust” a tragic play in two parts. ‘Auerbachs Keller’ is a well-known and second oldest restaurant in Leipzig which hosts a statue of Mephisto and Faust.

5. The Leipziger zoo is a great for kids looking for fun and adventure. It’s among the most renowned and most modern zoos in the world and all people call them “zoo of the future” If you go there, you will never forget it!

6. Are you interested in culture, art or history? Leipzig has over 50 museums that you can reach very quickly with bus, tram or bike.

7. If you are interested in music? Then come along to the Leipzig opera house or ‘Gewandhaus concert hall’, which host grand orchestral peformances. Both places are based in downtown Leipzig.

8. A great event which takes place every year is the Leipzig Book Fair. It’s the second largest in Germany and attracts over 150.000 people including publishers, writers, readers and journalists.

9. Leipzig has one of the best and the oldest universities in Germany. Set on large grounds with buildings that are a combination of old and new the university attracts lots of tourists.

10. In summer we have lots of lakes and parks for you. If you come in winter we have a great Christmas market with a colourful Christmas tree.

You can visit Leipzig always, because Leipzig is in spring, summer, autumn and winter a city, who never stop to live!


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