Leger’s Luxuria Coach breaks cover at Eurobus Expo 2014

Paul Mctiernan and coach

Operations Director: Paul Mctiernan

Finally the long weeks of waiting are over, yesterday I was able to inspect the very first Leger Luxuria Coach at the Eurobus Expo at the NEC in Birmingham. I was also fortunate enough to catch up with Paul McTiernan, Legers Operations Director, to have a chat with him about a Coach and product very close to his heart.  There is no doubt that VDL the builders of this magnificent vehicle have really pulled out all the stops on this Vehicle, its paintwork is beautiful and that initial impression carries on when you step aboard.

The attention to detail that has gone into the vehicles specification is remarkable, Paul, a very modest & down to earth Yorkshireman, was obviously heavily involved with the project from day one. As he carefully went through the detailing of the interior it was increasingly apparent just how much thought and effort that Paul and his fellow Directors at Leger had spent on this project.  From a customer’s perspective I think everyone who travels on this Coach will absolutely love it, my only genuine concern is that Leger are only operating the one coach in 2015, the one you see in the pictures, that is operated by Skills of Nottingham in the Leger Luxuria livery.  When challenged about this Paul said that they wanted to spend the 2015 season ensuring that everything that they promised was delivered.


Interior of a Luxuria Coach


So whilst applauding the team at Leger for their diligence, this means you will to need to book really early just to get seats on this remarkable product. I challenged Paul about this and he admitted that the tours being operated in 2015 were already 50% full and that they expected it to sell out completely by mid-January. My view is simple, if you want to be one of the first to try this product then you need to act now.

For 2016 Leger plan to operate 3 coaches of this type on their European Tours, once again I’m really not sure that even with three they will be even close to meeting the potential demand that these vehicles are likely to generate, looking on the bright side however, they have plenty of time to increase that number to meet that demand.


Exterior of a Luxuria Coach

To help those of you who want to try this product we have links below to a few Leger Luxuria departures for 2015.

Paris, Chantilly and Chateau de Montvillargenne – Luxuria Coach – 5 Days – from £521

Cosmopolitan Berlin – Iconic Landmarks and Cultural Heritage – Luxuria Coach – 7 Days – from £616

Picturebook Italy – Grand Explorer – Luxuria Coach – 12 Days – from £968

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John Flin MD Coachholidays.com reporting from the Eurobus Expo at the NEC Birmingham


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