Luebeck – The City of Seven Towers

Luebeck 2, Holstentor Monument, Germany

Luebeck is a small city with a population of around 120.000.
It has pretty lakes and rivers throughout such as the lake Wakenitz and the river Trave.
Downtown Luebeck is really small, but worth seeing with all the old buildings and streets. We are famous for our many beautiful churches and some places like Untertrave, offer great aerial views of the whole town.

Luebeck 3, Wakenitz River, Germany Luebeck 1, Holstentor Monument, Germany








This old town in the north of Germany is full of history and exciting places to visit:

1. The Holstentor is a symbolic monument for Luebeck. It is an old city gate. The monument now a museum, displays a presentation of trade, power and richness. The monument was built during 1464 – 1478. In the summer it is a great place to lie on the grass in front of the building. Next to the Holstentor we have another three city gates.

2. From 1441-1491 lived the popular poet Thomas Mann in the Buddenbrookhouse.
He wrote books like “Lotte in Weimar” and “Buddenbrooks”. Today it is a shop in the Mengstreet where you can buy all his copies.

3. If you drive to Schlutup you find the Terminal museum. It was the transition from Germany to the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) German Democratic Republic.

4. We are known for our delicious Marzipan that we produced. If you visit our town you must taste it.

5. On the 18th December 2007 the Willy-Brandt-Haus would be a museum for political life in the 20th century. In the seven rooms you can explore the history of the Weimarer Republik till the reunion.

6. A one day trip to the east sea. There you can relax on the beach in Travemuende or you have a fun day with your Family in Sirksdorf in Hansa-Park our theme park.

7. In Travemuende you can admire the monument Passat. 1959 Luebeck saved the 115m long ship from being demolished and put in a conservation area.

8. For centuries Luebecks is famous for it’s seven towers, which are made up from the following five churches: Marienkirche, Dom, Aegidienkirche, Petrikirche and Jakobikirche.

Experience this and much more, when you visit the north of Germany the small but nice – Luebeck!


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