Escorted Coach Travel – More than you might expect!

Jon Hartley

Jon Hartley

To the people who have never been on a coach since school trips in the halcyon days of their education, they might notice one or two changes in the interceding years.

Even the standard tour coach will have air conditioning, the next level, reclining seats, and then the Silver Service/Grand Tourer class in addition will offer much more leg room, foot rests, armchair comfort, toilet and washroom, and even a TV screen to show either movies or an interactive map to show where you are. Add to this a knowledgeable but carefully timed commentary from your Tour Manager, possibly individual earphones, coffee and refreshments served at your seat and more recently seat back entertainment systems and calf rests. You can see how things have changed!

It doesn’t stop there either – you can be picked up and taken directly to your coach and home again, you never have to lug your own luggage around and the days in resort are as open or planned as you wish them to be. Most tour operators include excursions to show off the area, as well as optional ones at a small cost to add to your enjoyment – or you can sit or wander around in the resort as you wish!

My own parents said they would never go on a coach tour, until driving long distances became too much. So they went on one, then another and ended up doing 4 or 5 every year. My father found out his neck could turn from left to right instead of staring at a road ahead, they could see views a car driver would never see and if they wanted a small libation at lunch – so what? My mother loved the lack of cooking, washing up, and shopping and oddly they always returned home weighing a tad more than when they left!

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Coaching is a green way to travel, is the safest method of road passenger transport, and is a social way to enjoy a holiday or short break.

Better yet – the choice is entirely yours. Work on the adage, “You will get what you pay for” and you won’t go far wrong. You can go on a Value for Money cheaper option, or the all swinging inclusive deal. Choose the best for you! What hotel standard would you like to stay in, how far would you like to go, what shows would you like to see, is there a themed holiday that entices you, (and there are plenty to choose from!), what dates suit you?

There are literally thousands of coach operators in the UK offering everything from full tours to private hire for your group or society.

Coaches these days can cost anything up to £400,000, and are designed to offer the safest and most comfortable of journeys. Coach drivers are trained and retrained to ensure your comfort is paramount, and professional tour planners spend their lives offering you an amazing array of holidays to suit most budgets and tastes.

The old battle buses of the past are just a distant memory. Modern coaches are continuing to innovate and evolve to offer you, the customer, levels of comfort, safety and service unimagined in bygone days.

Go on one and be amazed!

Written by: Jon Hartley


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