It’s Springtime as the clocks go forward!

Hurray, it’s officially spring! Springtime make us feel great. The weather is fair, we see more daylight, flowers are beginning to blossom, a bank holiday is upon us, it’s just warm enough to turn down the heating a notch or 2 and you begin to think, ‘I’m glad I’ve got a little holiday booked for this weekend’.
Well that’s great, which is why thought we should remind everyone, especially our clients from outside the UK that the clocks spring forward at 1am on the morning of Sunday 29th March.

What does this have to do with ‘A little holiday I’ve booked for this weekend’, we hear you ask? If you’re booked on one of our many holidays beginning on Sunday morning, please remember to set your alarm, because we wouldn’t want you to be an hour late for the start of your vacation!

Essentially, the wee hours of Sunday morning, 01:00:00 hours to be exact, marks the commencement of Daylight Saving Time in the UK. At what would have been 1am on Sunday morning, your clock should say 02:00:00 hours or 2am. If you’ve recently purchased a Smartphone, Smart TV, desk/laptop or tablet computer, you shouldn’t need to adjust the time, provided you haven’t changed or disabled the manufacturer’s settings! Otherwise, adjust the time before you go to bed.


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