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Inner harbour sunset

Written by Daniel Clemens – Exchange student from Germany

Hi my name is Daniel and I’m 21 years old. At the moment I’m doing a 3 week internship in England to improve my English, learn more about the English culture and the differences between working in England and Germany. In Germany I live in Duisburg which is near Düsseldorf.

Duisburg has many special places which are worth a visit I would like to tell you about some.

The first is the “Lifesaver fountain” which is a colourful bird like fountain right in the town center it looks great and is part of a group of six fountains in the shopping mile.

Then I can advise a stop at the Inner harbour called “Duisport” which is the biggest Inner harbour in Europe. This is especially worth a visit when there is the “Marina-Markt” a big market right in the harbour every second Sunday of the month from April till October.

Another great sight is the “Tiger and Turtle” which is an artwork built like a roller coaster, but it is walk able and the higher you climb the better panoramic views of Duisburg you see. It is an especially great sight at night, because it’s completely illuminated.

Lifesaver FountainSechs Seen Plattelandscape park

Sechs Seen Platte sailing






The landscape park in the north of Duisburg is a beautiful location where you can see buildings from an old smelter like the gasometer which is now used for diving or a metal construction which looks like a crocodile. The park is even more beautiful in the dark on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, when it is colourfully lit up.

On hot days most people go to the “Sechs Seen Platte” which is a place with six lakes right next to each other. On the border of one of the lakes is a hill called “Wolfsberg” on top of the hill is an observation deck from where you can have a great sight over the lakes.

In the evening, I recommend two places one is called “Finkenkrug” which is a pub and what’s special about this pub is that it has the greatest range of different beers in the area around the Rhine and Ruhr with over 200 different sorts and over 100 different non-alcoholic drinks. The other place which is special is a club and restaurant called “Pulp” it is built and furnished like a castle which is an amazing sight.

You should experience the many great places in Duisburg.


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