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Tours-of-contrast-blog are excited to introduce a new operator giving you the opportunity to discover the best of Latvia with Tours of Contrasts!

Why Latvia you ask? – Well we say, why not! With carefully selected dates coinciding with the country’s festivals, Tours of Contrasts will take you on a guided tour of the picturesque capital city – Riga and its surrounding countryside. With its knowledgeable guides, you’ll be given a unique insight to this beautiful European destination.

Did you know?

Almost the entire city is built in Art Nouveau style.

Riga’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Latvia is one of the greenest countries in Europe, with a vast amount of ecosystems and forests that cover around half of their land.

Latvia has maintained its natural landscapes over the years as well as its many and celebrations, preserving the culture and spirit which you will of course be able to experience.

To kick off the first set of tour dates, you will venture by coach through France, Belgium, Germany and Poland before arriving in Latvia. The August dates will see in the Riga City Festival, a celebration for the capital’s birthday and the Riga Retro International Antique Car Convention, which any car enthusiast would love the opportunity to visit.

Mikeldiena Fair, traditionally held on Doma Square offering an abundance of farmer’s products including fruits, vegetables, teas, bread and bacon. Latvian craftsmen bring their best and most beautiful work in the forms of woollen clothing, pottery and other such items. This festival covers the month of September before drawing to end for the next available date of the tours.

Though October holds no official festival, there will still be lots of things to see. With autumn arriving and the lands being so green, the countryside will be filled with red, yellow and orange sceneries. Picture perfect moments of course.

November brings the final festival you’ll have the opportunity to experience with Tours of Contrasts – “Light up Riga”. Just before Latvia celebrates its birthday, Riga holds the most popular festival of all – lighting up the skies with fireworks to mark its Independence Day.

So why book with Tours of Contrasts?

With a carefully planned itinerary, you will be sure to travel in comfort, stay in great hotels and discover the best of Latvia when you travel with Tours of ContrastsClick here to find further information about the tour.

Please Note: This tour is operated by Tours of Contrasts in cooperation with Bovy Tours, and tours are listed under Bovy Tours also.


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