Fluid Pricing – Shearings Holidays

As summer 2017 drew to a close, Shearings Holidays introduced fluid pricing when costing their holidays.

Fluid Pricing – What does this mean?

Fluid pricing is a method of adjusting the price in real time depending on current demand conditions. The purpose of fluid pricing is to maximize the sale and ensure that you always get the cheapest price if you book your holiday in advance. Fluid pricing has been in practice for a while and is the preference of several travel companies, especially low-cost airlines.

How does it work?

Usually prices start low and gradually rise up with the demand, with occasional promotions and discounts that will not drop beyond initial launch price. Consequently, customers are guaranteed to get the best prices, when they book early. Of course, sometimes you may be lucky enough to get a good price just a few weeks before the departure as well. However, the chances that you will get a standard or a single room is very low.  So, with the fluid pricing practice it would be advised to plan your holidays well in advance.

Before Fluid Pricing

Shearings’ holidays began with a fixed base price with any new brochure launched. This was accompanied by an early booking discount promotion which would run for a few weeks. Customers then went back to paying the full brochure price, once the promotion had finished. Formerly, clients would book a tour in advance, at a higher price, to secure the best seats (vantage seats) on a coach. Booking early despite higher prices, meant clients had more options of standard rooms, without paying any extra for unwanted upgrades.

Time to change

Shearings’ fluid pricing scheme is trying to eliminate a situation where a client has paid the full brochure price for a holiday (possibly with a slight early booking discount), but a few weeks before departure noticed that the price has dropped a lot. It used to happen if the coach was not half full and Shearings would then slash prices, with a last minute promotion in a bid to avoid cancelling the tour. Customers who booked earlier and paid much more, for the same holiday got wind of the last minute promotion and were understandably upset. Plus, last minute discounts are not applied retrospectively to existing booking, therefore compounding the frustration of early bookers even more.

Change is good

Shearings state you’ll get, ‘Best Prices for Booking Early – Booking early not only gives you the widest possible choice of holidays and departures – it also means you get the best price.’

Don’t miss out!

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Blog Contributors: Tracey & Ivan