Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter!!

Reading pages of a book and letting your imagination bring those characters and stories to life is one thing.  Walking through a magical, enchanting escape full of mystical creatures, designed and executed with astonishing attention to detail, is another.  We were fortunate enough to be given the chance to go on the trip to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour of the making of Harry Potter!  I have to admit, previously, although I found the magic and concept of Harry Potter fascinating, I was not a huge fan of every story.  After being given the opportunity to go behind the scenes, and see how the imagination of J.K Rowlings stories had been brought to life, I fell in love with the magic.  Not only that, I was in awe of the artists, designers, technicians, and all of the thousands of people who worked behind the scenes.  Working as a graphic designer myself, I felt a glow of inspiration and excitement as this tour celebrates and shows immense appreciation for these people and their work.

So I thought I would share my memories of the trip with you, as it was a wonderful day!  We were able to meet in London, and travel by coach to the tour destination.  I must mention as a side line, I hadn’t been on a coach in quite some time until I went on this trip, and my how things have changed and for the better!  I couldn’t believe how comfortable and spacious the coach was, and how much leg room I had.  The journey was very smooth and pleasant, and I would highly recommend coach travel to anyone, and I’m not just saying that!

When we arrived at Warner Bros. ready for our tour, there was an air of excitement.  Pulling into the coach park, we could see the enormous Harry Potter sign, and as we stepped onto the pavement, whispers of the theme music wafted from the entrance.  The inside foyer is a modern, but not pretentious entrance, with welcoming familiar faces peering down from grand scale imagery, and some sneak-peak teasers.  I don’t want to give too much away in my blog today, as this is a must see for all Harry Potter fans!  So I will try my best not to get too excited.

After being lead into the start of the tour by an affable Warner Brothers guide, we were then able to explore the exhibit for ourselves, but the guides and staff were more than happy to help direct us, and answer any questions that we had.  They also have a vast knowledge of Harry Potter, and so were able to throw in little extra interesting facts that even the biggest fans may not know!  The Great Hall, Hagrid’s Hut, Professor Snape’s office (the dungeons of Hogwarts), and many many many more feature in this incredible display.  The feature I found to be most breath-taking was the Hogwarts castle.  The craftsmanship and artistic flare will captivate you.  And on that matter I shall say no more….

The animatronics in the films were so life-like, that it was barely noticeable, yet it took hundreds of people, hours to make one creature move in such a way.  The planning right from the blue-prints/sketches, up to the final models are displayed here.  Absolutely fascinating.  I cannot explain to you why, like so many others, I feel this strange, yet heart-warming affection towards the character of Dobby, but the peculiar looking little thing, standing there in all his little wax work glory, still made my day.  Yes…….I am a child.  Along with the other models of characters, and the brilliantly designed costumes, lies the prosthetics; the make-up, the accessories, props, tools and animatronics.  Walking into this section of the tour, I felt a little dumbfounded, as you just can’t imagine the collection of effects that came together to make these films and stories come to life.

The only part of the experience that I wasn’t too keen on was the price of the merchandise.  I can honestly say that there was not one item in the gift shop for under £4.00.  I find this a little bizzare as it is a major attraction for children, and there were no ‘pocket money’ items for sale?  After approaching a number of members of staff, and enquiring about the matter, they assured me that they were awaiting and expecting the delivery of some less expensive items, and that this would all be worked on and ammended both before and after the grand opening.  From a personal point of view, I didn’t find the issue to be too much of a concern as this is a brand new attraction, and I was fortunate enough to visit before its official opening to the public.  Therefore I expected to experience minor trial and errors.  Not to mention the fact that the tour itself is absolutely immense!  Also, there are good parking facilities, access to toilets throughout the tour, and a cafe and coffee stand where drinks and beverages may be purchased before and after the tour.  The tickets are now on sale, and there are some wonderful family deals.

I believe that this attraction would best be suited to families and persons over the age of eleven, as it is about the making of Harry Potter.  I feel that perhaps young children may not understand why the cars and broomsticks in Harry Potter don’t really fly, and why the creatures like the Hippogriff aren’t real.  The whole point of the Harry Potter Legends are that they are make believe, and a world we can get lost in. I suppose like Santa and the Tooth Fairy, we want to keep the magic alive for our children, and indeed ourselves, for as long as possible.

So to close my findings, I can only sum up the attraction as marvelous!  Whether you are a huge Harry Potter fan, a film buff, an artist, a designer, a techy or a tourist, this heart warming, absolutely captivating, exciting experience holds something for everyone.  I fully recommend it as a brilliant family day out.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.


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